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Our stallions are elected on basis of their type, qualities, jumping skills and least but not last they all have internationally recognized and approved ancestors with proven skills in show jumping themselves or via their offspring.
This way you can always find a perfect match for your mare – Regardless of her jumping skills.

<div style='text-align:right;'>Cajus DVH 634</div>

Cajus DVH 634
Stallion centre Cajus are named after our very first graded/crowned stallion - Cajus DVH 634.

In 1997 we showed the dark brown stallion Cajus (Sire: Coronado – Dam sire: Lagano) to The Danish Warm blood Association selection committee and he was crowned/graded as a stallion.

Cajus DVH 643 was elected Premium Stallion based on his particularly excellent jumping skills.

Later on Cajus really proved his worth both in competitions and in breeding. In the year 2000 he won the bronze medal in show jumping at the Zangersheide world championships.

Now Cajus is the dam of several crowned/graded stallions and mares. A number of these mares have achieved the highest grading in The Danish Warm blood Association – A gold medal.
A number of his offspring are competing in international shows – All in all these offspring made him Stallion of The Year in 2009.

Today Cajus have retired from competing but not from breeding – He enjoys his well-earned retirement in a nice pasture close to his stall.

Since the beginning of The Stable of Cajus in 1997 we have breed 20 crowned/graded stallions. Out of which 16 has been nominated to participate in the competition of Premium Stallion and hereof 11 achieved the title Premium Stallion.
The latest Premium Stallion from The Stable of Cajus is Hearth-Throb – Sired by Heartbeat.

Best regards

Kari and Jack Munch-Christiansen

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